Relaunching a traditional brand and proving ROI

We helped to relaunch Holloway Friendly with a modern forward thinking branding style backed by a considerable investment from the mutual. It was prudent and responsible to put in place a brand tracking study designed to demonstrate the impact of all the new marketing activity to build their new positioning.

We designed and implemented, with one of our insight partners, a bi-annual tracking study to deliver key data across these areas:

  • Unprompted awareness of Holloway Friendly as an Income protection brand
  • Prompted awareness
  • Levels of consideration and reasons why
  • Reasons why they wouldn’t be considered
  • Testing of perception against a list of brand image words
  • Understanding of the above benchmarked against key competitors

Marketing spend justified

The results of the tracker saw a steady increase in awareness and a jump in levels of consideration, over a period of 18 months. We were also able to apply feedback to the key messages used in communications in order to finetune the hierarchy of messaging employed to convey Holloway’s proposition.

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