Brand Development

Branding expertise is part of our DNA

We love getting to grips with how a client wants to be perceived in their market and nailing their real purpose and unique selling proposition. 

Why branding is important is no secret. Your brand is the face you present to your customers. It needs to resonate with them, excite them and reassure them, while encapsulating your products and services. 

Your brand identity also needs to evolve over time – no brand ever stands still.

Blending the strategic and the creative to tell your story

Crafting the perfect brand lies in immersing ourselves in each client’s company and products to unearth the stories behind. It’s a complex blend of history, company values, marketplace knowledge, personality, detailed product analysis, audience motivations and a vision for the future.

Successful branding creates an emotional connection between an organisation, its products and its target audience. It’s both an art and a science. And it’s far more than a logo. It’s your look, your personality, your tone of voice, the messages you share with your audience and how you communicate them. Its also the way you deliver service and treat your customers from cradle to grave.

Let us help you shape your brand and take you to a whole new level of connection.

Strategic brand workshops

We run immersive workshops at the outset of every branding project. No stone is left unturned when it comes to discovering your overall brand purpose, the narrative your brand should tell, the values you seek to embed in your service or product and the messages that people need to understand about you. 

Workshops include marketplace and competitive analysis, audience insights, brand archetype and creative exercises. With our insight partners, we can help test different brand strategies and creative executions to ensure the most compelling is taken to market.

Brand audits

The thing about branding is that it’s ever evolving. What worked last year might not be fit for purpose now. A brand audit is a detailed analysis of how your brand is performing against its goals. 

How we do it will depend on your sector and customer types, but in general it’s a blend of customer feedback, SEO and web analytics and competitive research that will inform your ongoing brand strategy.

Brand tracking

Working with our tried and trusted research partners, we can deliver an ongoing brand tracking study to measure the impact of your band and campaign work. If adjustments are needed, our inside track allows us to deliver added value from this insight and apply new understanding to every aspect of your brand communications.

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