Making literature digital

Here don’t mean dispensing with physical literature purely for web page and video content, which undeniably, has been the direction of travel for years. No, we continue to see a role for literature, brochures, leaflets and sales aids and yes some demographics like to sit down and read a physical item. However, we do like to challenge the mere creation of a PDF for download from a website or from an email and that’s why for a number of clients we have developed our ‘Interactive brochures’.

What is an Interactive Brochure?

An interactive brochure is a normal PDF on steroids. It is built for offline use, but is structured to be navigated just like a website. It had global and sub navigation, it has section navigation and inter-page links. It can layer brochure content in a way normal PDFs can’t, and lead the reader on different journeys depending on their points of interest.

An interactive brochure allows integration with video by showcasing content hosted online, but seemingly served from the brochure link on the page. If you want to create interactive hotspots on a page which reveal hidden content then you can. If you want to compare product A vs product B in a more engaging way then you can. If you want to give access to forms or other material hosted online, then your Interactive Brochure can easily include such features.

When to use an Interactive Brochure?

Imagine you’re on a zoom call explaining the features and benefits of a product to your customer. You could share your Interactive Brochure and navigate through it with the clients and unlike a traditional linear brochure, if the client asks a question about another feature, you can navigate there quickly and seamlessly to the content. And, if you’re building a process for a client to follow, you can display each stage one by one rather than crowding the screen with the whole picture all at once. Similarly, imagine you’ve just delivered your pitch presentation to a new strategic partner, rather than send the PowerPoint deck you could incorporate your presentation into an Interactive Pitch Book which highlights your key USPs in a more engaging manner.

We’re seeing a strong interest in the creation of Interactive Brochures for both B2B and B2C communications. The pandemic was a catalyst for zoom calls and their value in making these calls more engaging  was certainly clearly felt. Whether its your product brochure, pitch book, customer guide or distributor onboarding manual, you should now think about your literature in a different more interactive way.

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